New Client? Let us get to know you better!



  • 360 CPA Solutions Checklist: A list we have gathered in order to help you gather your documents. Please review prior to filling out your Intake Form.
  • New Client Intake Forms:
      • 2020 Client Intake: For any new clients except Business’s. 
      • Dependents: This form is only necessary if you have dependents to list.
      • 2020 Banking Information: This form allows us to use your banking information in order to electronically set up payment or to receive a refund via direct deposit.
      • 2020 Business Intake: For Business’s such as a C-Corp, S-Corp, Partnership, Single Member LLC, or Sole Proprietor.


**Adobe Fillable PDFs: Please download and save to your computer prior to completing.**

  1. Open the desired document from the following list.
  2. CLICK DOWNLOAD AND SAVE AS to save the document to your desktop or other file folder in order to fill it out via your computer OR you may print it out and fill out by hand. 
  3. REOPEN the document from wherever you saved it. This is now your working document. You may begin filling in your information.
  4. After completing, signing (as necessary), and saving the document or scanning to your desktop, there are many options: You may email them to us, upload to a Secure File Pro account that we have previously set up for you, or drop the forms off at our office.

New Client? Let us get to know you better!

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